Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY: luxury jones style boots

these boots were a big hit on my instagram. a few ladies even asked for me to make them some to buy which was super flattering but I told them to at least wait for my DIY post because they can probably make their own! the options are endless so get creative! 

I mainly used lobster clasps and links from my jewelry making kit so it's easy for me to change the pieces around and essentially have a new pair of boots whenever I want. you could also sew or use industrial glue. I use e-6000 for crafts like this. be sure to read the labels and use it only outside and preferably with a face mask to protect yourself from the chemicals. 

so you start with a layer of your fabric of choice. just enough to wrap around once with an inch/inch and a half overlapping if you want to piece it together with studs like I did. or make a perfect sleeve with your sewing machine! it can be lumpy whatever it's going to be mostly covered up. just make sure it's nice and snug. 

a necessary layer is belts. any belts that you like. I just used some I had laying around but have been meaning to check some thrift shops for better ones. try to space it out as you wrap around so your other goodies can weave in between them. if you don't plan on switching them out then glue the belts down with the e-6000. 

chains are important to add extra texture and toughness. loop them all around however you think looks best. I like one near them bottom to dangle around the heel. it looks so western and makes a cute jingle when you walk. 

once you've got them all junked up add a nice trim around the top. I cut some fringe with leftover suede fabric that I had. I'm still iffy about it. I might make the fringe one of the first layers at the bottom. or just remove them completely and make arm cuffs. what would you do? originally I used only the lace trim around the top. I glued the tiny rosettes onto the lace because it just seemed right. 

necklaces are wonderful additions as they're easy to remove and adjust and can add a whole new level of cool. I'm on the hunt for some conchos and coin necklaces to add so I used these faux pearls as an example. and they might just stay! 

THATS IT. just wrap a bunch of junk around some ankle boots and you're done. stuff some flowers in them. use pins and broaches. add patches. anything you could possibly dream! I already had all of my supplies at home but even if you have to go out and get supplies it will be super cheap and most likely look even better than mine! 

hope you like! if you make your own send me pictures! what junk should I try out next? until next time. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

outfit of the day: hells bells

so I finally got some bells and let me just say.. they feel like home. I never want to wear anything else. comfort level over 9000. gorgeous print. and so many compliments! I've been a skinny jeans kind of girl since eighth grade. (do you guys believe that i actually got made fun of in my high school for wearing them? when I said small town you have no idea how accurate that is.) but I'm really glad extreme bell bottoms are becoming a thing. and I plan on fully embracing them. thanks to for creating a perfect fit and unbelievably perfect prints. I'm never shopping anywhere else. ever ever ever. 


so of course I went with the obvious combination of bells and a muscle tank. extra points for vintage Harley Davidson! it's the ultimate cool girl outfit. the bells are so dreamy and the edgy tank adds this magical sort of toughness. I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed. 

top- ebay
shoes- jeffrey campbell litas

dressed them up just a bit with a lacy white tank and my litas again since I'm short and need to get a few inches trimmed off the ends. I'm still experimenting with fresh new ways to style these and preparing to order my second pair! how would you style these?

top- forever 21

no matter what I'm wearing with them I always stack on the rings (which I desperately need more of.) 

stone rings- flea market
Ganesha ring-
spoon ring- antique shop
skull ring- urban outfitters

and we will end this post with a selfie! sorry it's been so long but I should be back on track now! thanks for reading! tell me your thoughts. <3

arm cuff- forever 21