Sunday, August 10, 2014

outfit of the day: what would Jim wear?

I still wake up every day and think me winning this top was a dream. I'm so obsessed its sort of embarrassing. I really should get a job so I can buy the rest of their fantastic pieces. I literally need everything and it is not an option in my life to go without these things.. yikes.. see what I mean? I'm such a freak. follow their instagram (@spell_byronbay) for giveaways and maybe you'll be as lucky as me!

anyway! I wanted to dress it up but in an unconventional way so I pulled out my high rise leather pants. in the middle of summer? crazy right? it's been dreary here the past three days and I'm starting to get that itch for autumn weather so why not? 90% of the time I forget to put on jewelry and it sucks. maybe if I start buying more I would remember but most of the time it takes me so long to decide on an outfit I'm ready to jet as soon as the shoes come on. if I would've added some thin silver necklaces and turquoise rings I would be happier with this outfit. you live and you learn. 

so by this time I'm looking at myself thinking "I am the female Jim Morrison" except nowhere near as cool and I can't sing or write poetry. so I should say "I look like the female Jim Morrison" but I will never be that much of a total babe. so then I quit talking to myself and find my most badass boots. I just feel like I couldn't have picked a better shoe. the damsel cross wedges always take things to the next level. 

pants: forever 21
shoes: jeffrey campbell damsel cross
sunglasses: vintage w/ DIY roses

I apologize for the sloppiness of everything! I'm still using some older pictures that I only kept edited versions of but I promise I'm getting my act together. here are some other photos of the blouse and what I've done with it so far!

skirt: vintage Ralph Lauren
shoes: forever 21
flower crown: lulus

bag: Steve Madden b.dali cross body
shorts: urban outfitters

shorts: forever 21
shoes: jeffrey campbell floral tapestry lita

necklaces: eBay 


  1. I'm a huge fan of this lace top... It is amazing!! I can understand your joy ;) xoxo


  2. I love this outfit! I really liked what you've done with the pictures, they look cool and vintage like. And your lace top is very pretty.

    Tragic Couturist