Monday, August 4, 2014

watermelon juice?

sometimes I get upset with myself for being online so much when I could be out soaking up the sun, because I obviously need to be doing that more, or just doing something more productive. but honestly, it offers so much knowledge that I could have possibly never obtained, it has given me new friends from so many different places, and the oppurtunity to shop for amazing shoes that my small town could never give me. ;) 

yes I do have a point for writing that ridiculously long intro for something so simple. the internet taught me that watermelon juice is a thing! some of you might be thinking DUH but in my tiny town our options for "health drinks" are naked and bolthouse farm brand juices that we all know are quite the opposite of what a juice/smoothie should be. I've been into home made smoothies and juices for awhile now but it just never crossed my mind until I saw an instagram post by one of the lucky babes I follow from california. i love it so much I feel compelled to spread awareness of this yummy drink. 

all you really need is a watermelon and a blender/juicer. but most of the time I add in little bits of whatever else I have in the fridge. 
lemon for weight loss, immune boost, and energy. 
apple for digestion and fiber. 
blueberries for antioxidants and mood enhancement. 
aloe for vitamins, minerals, and overall health improvement. 

(never heard of drinking aloe vera? I hadn't either but I'm extremely happy I found out about it. do a little research on your own if you like, but I will probably make another post about it and other foods that I find to be amazing! let me know what you think!)

I originally intended on starting out with outfit and fashion posts but haven't had a chance to do it. I'm definitely shooting for the current week so be patient with me. I'm surprised to see that I've gotten a few views without advertising on my instagram. here's to hoping when I do all of my friends dig it. 

top: jelly sandals - bamboo brand -
bottom: sunglasses - urban outfitters 
bag: Steve Madden b.dali cross body bag

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